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怎样管理你的Seller Hub,**分

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2017年6月eBay将会停止除了Seller Hub之外的**销售辅助工具,例如Selling Manger, Selling Manager Pro, 或是 Turbo Lister。所以早早的了解新的操作工具会让我们的生意如虎添翼。这篇博客依旧取自eBay business blog. 括号内会是我的评论

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’ve been listing diligently for an hour, but you remember that you need to address something in the Resolution Center. On the way there, you get distracted by a sensational news headline, and that’s it – you’re lost in a news vortex for an hour.   The “driven to distraction” struggle is real, right?

That’s why I’m a huge fan of Seller Hub. Open to all sellers in the U.S., this powerful eBay site effectively eliminates the need for six (or more) disparate eBay tools, including:   My eBay, Seller Dashboard, Manage My Store, Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro, Resolution Center. The result is a super slick, streamlined user interface with everything you need to manage and grow your eBay business. And it’s free.
这就是为什么我是Seller Hub的**用户。 在US你可以看看所有的卖家,强大的eBay自带工具有效的消除了6个甚至更多的eBay工具,包括:我的eBay,卖家面板,管理我的店铺,销售助手/销售助手增强版,纠纷调解中心。这些工具将所有你学到的结果灵活的合理的展现在卖家的面前并帮助你的业务成长。而且这还是免费的。(市面上的确有不少这样那样的软件去帮助我们管理自己的店铺,每个人也都有各自的喜好。eBay想通过自己的努力去打造专业的工具去帮助卖家成长)

Your crash-course on mastering Seller Hub   你的Seller Hub速成教程
It might take a little time for you to fully comprehend how much information is suddenly at your fing**ips with the new Seller Hub. But, it’s time well spent – understanding the new and improved Hub will enable you to easily a**ss the status of your business. To help you get up to speed faster, we put together a short, video-rich Seller Hub crash-course. Here’s what we’ll cover:  
这里我们需要用一点点的时间去充分的了解在新的Seller Hub中你手边会突然多出来好多信息。但是同时这些也可以了解新的Hub可以帮你更简单的去了解你业务的运营状况。为了让你们能更好的了解这里会放一些小视频去了解Seller Hub的作用。下面是我们所要涉及到的:(作者想表达的意思就是磨刀不误砍柴工,至于视频是YouTube的,我大概看下然后去总结给大家)

Part One: Overview, Orders, and Listing
Part Two: Marketing
Part Three: Performance and Growth
So, let’s get started with Part One:

Overview: Evaluate your eBay business at a glance 概况:将你的eBay业务评估一览无余
The Overview module is where you can see your whole eBay operation. Scan the Tasks that need immediate attention, check your Al**s, and generally keep a closer eye on your To-Do list. Plus, the whole page is customizable. You can even add shortcuts to sites you need like PayPal that aren’t currently included.

Orders: Simplify everything after the sale 订单:使你销售后的**程序简单化
The Orders module shows all the activity that happens post-sale, like items awaiting payment, orders ready for shipment, return requests, and order cancellations. You might notice that these elements look familiar – we didn’t change them, but we did link them all together in a much cleaner and more intuitive way.

Listing: Keep everything you need in one place 列表:将你需要的**放在一个地方
Want to create a new bulk listing? Need to find an old listing that you want to make available again? Ready to schedule an auction for a future time? You can do all of it in the Listing module. Plus, it’s easier to define automation rules and streamline listing tasks.

Also, the Orders and Listings pages are loading 30-40% faster than when we first launched. So you'll notice a significant improvement with these modules if you were a Seller Hub early adopter.
同时当你打开订单及列表页面时加载速度比**次启用快30-40%。如果你是Seller Hub早期的使用者你会发现这些模块有了明显的改进。

That's it for Part One. In Part Two, we’ll cover Marketing with Seller Hub. Until then, have fun playing around with the data. You might also want to consider customizing your Seller Hub Overview page (as demonstrated in the first video, above). Arranging the modules to suit how you work can save you a lot of time.
以上就是**分。在第二部分我们会讲解Seller Hub的市场部分。那时会有有趣的数据在那边。也许你已经开始考虑怎样设计你的概况页面了(就像**个视频演示的那样)。合理的安排模块使你能节省不少的时间。(**个视频只是将各个模块拖来拖去,根据不同人的工作习惯去设置符合你风格的板块布局,使你的效率高起来)


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